File No. 103.97/25

The Food Administrator ( Hoover) to the Special Representative of the Food Administration ( Taylor)2


I fear our wheat supply is even in more serious position than I previously outlined as no allowance was made for the necessity of 30 per cent larger seed requirements nor any longer carry over than last year. Even with stronger conservation our exportable surplus is practically exhausted and I can see no alternative but considerable imports from India and Australia pending Argentine harvest. Canada has an apparent available surplus of 100,000,000 bushels but it can only be exported over a considerable period. Our apparent surplus of corn for export is 350,000,000 bushels and of oats [Page 660] 200,000,000, but corn will not be available in large quantities before January 1. In any event everything points to import of wheat from all other quarters, depending upon United States for corn and oats. In this situation am refusing wheat all neutrals including Swiss and we must have relief from Allied pressure at earliest date possible.

  1. Transmitted by the Secretary of State through the Ambassador in Great Britain (No. 5819).