File No. 763.72119/998

The Minister in Rumania ( Vopicka) to the Secretary of State


180. Appertaining to cables sent to Paris by me and other Allied Ministers, beg to state that the Roumanian Government has not [Page 458]waited for the answer of the Allies asked for in those cables, but empowered chief general of the Russian Army here to ask for an armistice for both the Russians and Roumanians. I believe they did not wait for the answer because they feared that if the armistice was made by the Russians alone the Germans would attack the Roumanian Army and destroy it. This armistice will, in my opinion, lead to peace between Germans, Russia and Roumanians. The four Allied military attachés here disagreed as to whether the Roumanian Army should retreat through Russia immediately and join the British Army in Asia Minor or should make an armistice. Our military attaché was in favor of the former while all the others were against him. Prime Minister told me that during the armistice not only part of the Roumanian reserves [can be?] saved for the Allies providing conditions in south Russia improve but also the lives of the Royal Family.

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