File No. 763.72119/563a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Russia ( Francis)


1321. Please deliver following telegram:

Miliukov, Petrograd (or Baron Gunzburg): American Jewry is alarmed by reports that certain elements are urging separate peace between Russia and Central powers. A separate peace may, in our opinion, lead to the ultimate restoration of an autocratic government and the degradation of the Russian Jews below even their former deplorable condition. We are confident Russian Jewry are ready for the greatest sacrifices in support of the present democratic government as the only hope for the future of Russia and all its people. American Jewry holds itself ready to cooperate with their Russian brethren in this great movement. Marshall, Morgenthau, Schiff, Strauss, Rosenwald.

(If sent to Baron Gunzburg, add: May we ask you to submit this to your Government.)