File No. 763.72/3833

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


2007. Your 2135, April 8. Upon receipt of your instructions I visited the Foreign Office and there expressed the pleasure at which my Government received the news from Ambassador Jusserand that a commission composed of distinguished Frenchmen would visit America in the near future for the purpose of conveying to the President the appreciation of the Government for his message and to the American people for their friendship. I also informed the Foreign Office of the proposed visit of a British commission for the purpose of holding a conference on the plans of a cooperation, at the same time suggesting that a possible confusion might be avoided by a consultation arranging the time for the respective visits of these commissions. Last night I was informed by Premier Ribot that both he and Mr. Painlevé, Minister of War, had just returned from a hurried visit to England. The personnel of the French commission will consist of Marshal Joffre, Mr. Viviani, Minister of Justice, and Marquis de Chambrun, member of the Chamber of Deputies, and they will be accompanied by a staff consisting of a number of military officers and two or three others prominent in civil life. A luncheon will be given to-morrow by Premier Bibot in honor of these gentlemen just before their departure, the time of which, while kept in strict confidence, I understand, is to be within the next few days.