File No. 763.72/6920

The Special Agent in Corfu ( Dodge) to the Secretary of State


Premier Pashitch requests me to inform you that a Servian special mission to the United States composed of Vesnitch, Minister to France, General Rashkitch, Servian representative with French Army, Velimirovitch, Servian priest, Marinkovitch, recently Minister of Agriculture, and a fifth delegate not yet been appointed, will start about October 15 if convenient to the Government of the United States. Mission will thank the President of the United States for his expressions regarding small nations and assure him of Servia’s desire to conform to his policy. With this mission will come another mission sent by Yugoslav committee of London composed of five delegates, Croatian, Slovene, Dalmatian, Bosnian, and Hungarian Serbs, all Austro-Hungarian subjects, which desire to present to the President memorial embodying views of committee and also to thank him for expressions regarding small nations.

Pashitch desires me inquire whether both missions would be received preferably together or separately as in latter case they would arrive at different dates in Washington, remarking that in Servia they would be received separately, one representing a government and the other a private committee, but that either manner would be agreeable to him. I understand Yugoslav mission desire to be received with Servian mission.