File No. 763.72119/549

The Minister in Denmark ( Egan) to the Secretary of State


568. At a conference to-day at Copenhagen between German and Russian Socialists, the German Socialists stated that they would endeavor to move the German Reichstag to consent to peace on the following terms, provided the Russian Socialists would make a similar effort in Russia.

Germany shall evacuate the occupied territories in northern France and Belgium, which latter country shall be reestablished as an independent state but without the right to maintain an army. Alsace-Lorraine shall remain German. Poland to be reestablished on the basis of its original boundaries: excepted however are the Polish provinces which were held by Germany before the war. Poland shall have no right to maintain an army. The Russian Baltic provinces shall be surrendered to Germany. Bulgaria,1 Servia, and Montenegro to be united in one kingdom called Great Servia under Austrian protection. The Dardanelles to be neutralized and under Turkish supervision. Armenia shall be reestablished also under Turkish supervision.

  1. On Apr. 12, in his telegram No. 573, the Minister added: “Read Bosnia and Herzegovina instead of Bulgaria. In addition Roumania was to be reestablished.” (File No. 763.72119/551.)