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The Chargé in the Netherlands ( Langhorne) to the Secretary of State


1329. German press summary:

Vorwärts prints Erzberger interview, Budapest Az Est, wherein stated American note not considered final rejection at all since it showed agreement with Pope’s note of Reichstag peace resolution on following points: mutual simultaneous limitation armaments, arbitration, indemnities, rejection of dismemberment and economic war. Wilson wholly accords with Pope on these points and is more in agreement with great majority German people on them than with London and Paris. Replying to question whether this view Wilson’s note was not greatly at variance with German press Erzberger said this was substantially true although some German papers had expressed kindred thoughts but policy must not be conducted with indignation and feeling but with cold reason and with pencil in the hand. Unauthorized interference and offensive demands were to be rejected emphatically but obligation remains to examine material contents adversary’s reply. Will Reventlow and Heydebrand demand Wilson’s removal from office before 1921? In all probability Germany will conclude peace with Wilson. This simple reflection forces every sensible German even when fully asserting his standpoint not to bring new bitterness into difficult peace work by angry words thus hindering and imperiling peace.

Kölnische Zeitung comments Lansing statement America does not insist on removal Hohenzollern dynasty. America has no right to talk about our internal affairs. State Department’s correction of its earlier arrogance will be passed over by German people with shrug of shoulders.

Kreuzzeittung comments statement does not alter Wilson’s impudent refusal recognize capacity constitutional representatives German people to conclude international agreements and refusal to accept word of German Emperor.

Vorwärts comments Lansing statement should show up motives of great indignation in Germany at American note inspired by reactionary interests and war agitators.

Berliner Lokal-Anzeiger prints article by former Colonial Secretary von Lindequist urging unanimous indignant popular rejection of Wilson’s treacherous attempt to sow dragon’s teeth between people and the Kaiser. Only reply to Wilson is hands off our internal affairs.

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Kölnische Volkszeitung proposes that all gatherings of people pass short strong resolution rejecting Wilson’s insinuations. Magistracy of city of Halle publishes manifest expressing indignation at President’s note to Pope stating President grossly insults German people.

Leipziger Neueste Nachrichten reports changes of personnel expected shortly which will favor course of Reichstag Majority. Beginning will be made with Emperor’s civil cabinet new chief of which will possess full confidence of Reichstag.

Vossische Zeitung reports new disorders in Ireland and trouble with Labor Party which may make Lloyd George’s demission necessary.

Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung prints in parallel columns English text German translation published French text and German translation President’s note showing important discrepancies.

In Havas version Berlin Börsen-Zeitung reports Berlin Chamber of Commerce received confidential information concerning America’s commercial campaign in Colombia which German firms may learn upon inquiry.