File No. 763.72119/750

The Chargé in the Netherlands ( Langhorne) to the Secretary of State


1237. Supplementing 1236. Chancellor read telegram showing military successes on all fronts, submarines contributing their share. Military situation never so favorable as at beginning fourth year, submarines sank 811,000 tons July. Incomprehensible in view Germany’s successes and Allies’ failures why Entente never broached peace. He referred Franco-Russian secret treaty and statement member English Cabinet no peace before German armies thrown across Rhine and furnished following additional material concerning war aims Allies. September 7, 1914, coalition agreed conclude peace only in common; March 3, 1915, Russia laid down following peace terms adhered to by England in note March 12 and France in note same date. Russia takes Constantinople with European shore [of] Straits, southern part Thrace to line Enos-Midia; the islands [of] Marmora Sea; islands of Imbros and Tenedos; in Asia Minor, peninsula between Black Sea, Bosporus and Gulf of Ismail [Ismid], In later negotiations 1915–16 Russia took Armenian vilayets, Treb-izond and Kurdistan; France took Syria with Adana and Mersina, and northward hinterland to Sijos [Sivas] and Kopput [Harput]; [Page 170] England was to have Mesopotamia; rest Asia Minor divided into English and French zones of interest; Palestine internationalized; all other territory inhabited by Turks and Arabs including Arabia and Mohammedan holy sites to form separate federation under English sovereignty. French negotiations opened when Italy entered war and demanded share booty, details will be published later. In view such plans readily understood why Balfour stated recently detailed statement war aims inadvisable. Chancellor said Germany would consult her allies before replying Pope’s proposal which was looked upon with sympathetic approval but Germany couldn’t again offer peace in view summary rejection previous proposals, and continued declarations Entente no peace possible until Centrals crushed. No steps would be taken in peace action without consulting Reichstag.