File No. 763.72/5637

The French Ambassador ( Jusserand ) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: My Government informs me that a recent examination of the transportation question in France brought out the necessity of constituting at Paris a permanent committee whose duty would be to study everything that bears on the subject, the outfitting of ports and pooling of the Allies’ resources in that respect.

In my Government’s opinion the committee to be constituted should include, besides a French representative, representatives of Great Britain, the United States, and Italy.

By order of my Government I have the honor to beg Your Excellency to let me know at as early a date as possible whether you concur in this view and will appoint an American agent to join in the work.

The French delegate will be Mr. Claveille, and from the information that has come to us, the British Government proposes to designate Colonel Thornton. General Pershing, to whom the subject was broached, expressed himself favorably, according to what I am told.

Be pleased to accept [etc.]