File No. 763.72/5407

The Minister in Denmark ( Egan) to the Secretary of State


768. Continuation of our 767, June 18, 2 p.m.

If President Wilson lays so much importance on having everyone in the world know exactly for what purposes America is conducting war then he must also insist on the publication of the war aims of his allies as found in their agreements. Not until then will the world be able to judge clearly of the peaceful and liberal aims of the Entente Cordiale. And then that house of cards consisting of an autocratic and intriguing Germany will fall and in its place there will be seen a trust of peoples which through intrigues of a territorial nature are continually pressing new nations into the world’s bath of blood for the purpose of destroying the Central powers.

The new Russia has repeatedly declared that such war aims are not hers. Rather has she desired to coin the formula of a peace without annexation or indemnity. This formula furnishes no hindrance to peace between Russia and the Central powers inasmuch as these have never demanded annexation nor indemnity from Russia. The Central powers and their allies desire rather a free and reciprocal settlement with Russia whereby a situation is created that assures a peaceable and neighborly existence in perpetuity. We must believe that this declaration which has already been stated in all previous communications of the Central powers exceeds greatly both in clearness and decision the performance of President Wilson.

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