File No. 600.419/142

The Consul General at London (Skinner) to the Secretary of State


Announcement made that no further export licenses or other facilities will be given until October 1 or further notice by British Government for shipment of following goods to countries named:

Denmark: Animal oils and fats, apricot kernels, borate of lime, borax and boron compounds, bristles, egg yolk and albumen, grass seeds, hair, meat, sago, starches, sulphur, talc (powdered), tapioca, tea, vegetable fibres, vegetable oils and oil seeds (excluding soya beans).

Norway: Beef casings, borax and boron compounds, cocoa, coffee, nickel, pitch, sheepskins, talc (powdered), tar, tar oil.

Sweden: Antimony, apricot kernels, binder twine, bristles, carnauba wax, casein, casings, cocoa, corkwood, coffee, dried fruit, gums (except shellac), hair, honey, leather, margarine (raw materials used in manufacture of), meat, peach kernels, plum kernels, rice, rosin, spices, starches, sisal, steel (high speed), tea, turpentine, turpentine oil.

Holland: Biscuits, bristles, eggs, egg yolk and egg albumen, fish oil, fruit, nuts and kernels, gums, hair, honey, matches, pitch, preserved and canned goods, sulphur, spirits, spices, starches, rubber and balata, talc (powdered), tar, vegetable fibres, yeast.1

Holders of unexhausted licenses for shipment of goods named are told to communicate with War Trade Department. Foregoing restrictions agreed to by Allies and apply to shipments from United States. Articles are those which have been supplied to countries concerned in quantities alleged to be over normal requirements. As stocks decline articles will be removed from list. Netherlands Oversea Trust has been advised to issue no further permits for goods covered by this notice. It is presumed that American goods already covered by letters of assurance will not be stopped.

  1. Reports of later lists and removals not printed.