File No. 763.72112/2906

The Acting Foreign Trade Adviser of the Department of State (Letcher) to the Commercial Adviser of the British Embassy (Crawford)

My Dear Sir Richard: The Department is in receipt of a communication from the Secretary of War under date of August 28, [Page 441] 1916, quoting a telegram from the Governor General of the Philippine Islands, in which it is stated that the British consular officer (presumably at Manila) has advised orally that certificates of interest signed by British consular officers will be required for all exports from the Philippine Islands to the United Kingdom.

As I recall that the British Consul General at New Orleans some time ago issued written advices to shippers to the same effect as the foregoing with respect to this country and that you declared this action to have been taken without authority, may I venture to ask your good offices unofficially in ascertaining if the measure now being proposed by British consular representatives with respect to the Philippines has the sanction of your Government.

Very truly yours,

Marion Letcher