File No. 300.115/9362

The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Great Britain (Laughlin)


3687. Department informed that American steamer Rizal carrying a Philippine cargo refused coal at Colombo because it is not on the so-called white list, and that it is therefore unable to proceed to Gibraltar pending action at London. This Government is loath to believe that British Government, instead of being content with exercise belligerent rights, recognized under international law, of imposing penalties on vessels which may commit offenses punishable by a belligerent, will continue to permit local authorities to resort to such arbitrary practices as this in a case in which there apparently are no grounds recognized by law for interference with neutral trade. Practices of this character resorted to generally by the nations of the world would undoubtedly be most disastrous to international commerce.

Bring matter to attention Foreign Office in sense foregoing.