File No. 763.72112/2423

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Page) to the Secretary of State


4149. Your 3163, April 8, 6 p. m. Having continually insisted privately upon the delivery of the British note in reply to Department’s instructions of October 21, communicated to the British Government by my note November 5, I to-day again made private inquiry of Sir Edward Grey and intimated that I had instructions from you to make a formal demand. Since I have private information that the note is ready, I hope thus to secure its immediate delivery without making a formal demand. He was apologetic for the delay and confirmed my private information that it is ready. It is now in the hands of a cabinet committee and will be dispatched to the British and French Ambassadors in Washington for delivery to you. I asked if it would go by the next mail and if I might have a copy. He has promised to inform me definitely to-morrow at 4 o’clock what mail [Page 363] will carry it and give me a copy on the day it is sent. If he gives me this definite information to-morrow, I shall assume that I need not make a formal demand. If not, I shall hand him a formal note as instructed by you.

American Ambassador