File No. 300.115P44/42

The Ambassador in Austria-Hungary (Penfield) to the Secretary of State


1423. In reply to inquiries which I caused to be made yesterday Ministry of Foreign Affairs state that note relative Petrolite is in preparation and will be sent me in next few days. Privately much dissatisfaction was expressed at our attitude, and statement made that they have affidavits from several of the crew supporting their version of the occurrence, although it was stated mention of this is not to be made in their reply. The hope was expressed, however, that the terms of the forthcoming note would definitely dispose of the question. The Ministry were informed in reply that the American Government could not but consider the action of the submarine commander as an insult to the flag and consequently a most serious matter; that the failure to return the champagne and cigars was quite natural in the circumstances since Petrolite captain would naturally desire to part company with the submarine without delay.