File No. 312.11/7217

Consul General Hanna to the Secretary of State


Sixty Americans and other foreigners connected with the Penoles Mining Company of Mapimi, Durango, have arrived safely by special train in Monterey. The Tlahualilo Americans are at Lerdo and at Torreon. The Asarco Americans accompanied the Mapimi Americans to Monterey. Several days ago I urged the de facto Government to send reinforcements to Torreon for protection of our people in that locality and reinforcements have been sent. There has been no telegraphic connection between Monterey and Durango City since the second of January. It is understood that Vice Consul Coen and family and other Americans are in Durango. I am doing everything possible to get our people out of dangerous districts and to prevent others from going into dangerous localities. I believe the Carranza Government is in earnest to improve conditions and prevent further assaults of Americans but I earnestly advise that all our people remain out of dangerous or uncertain localities.