File No. 312.115C96/46

Mr. Arredondo to the Secretary of State

My dear Mr. Lansing: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your excellency’s note of this date, with its enclosure, relative to the murder by Villa forces of sixteen American gentlemen near the city of Chihuahua, and of the situation in the State of Durango. Your excellency may feel assured that my Government and myself deeply deplore the dastardly action of the Villa forces and that efficient action will be taken to bring the murderers to justice, and that my Government will also take the necessary steps to remedy the situation in the State of Durango. This latter matter has already been brought to the attention of Mr. Carranza, and while I feel certain that he will omit no effort to bring the murderers of the above-mentioned American gentlemen to justice on his own initiative, I have nevertheless communicated with him by wire on the subject.

Renewing [etc.]

E. Arredondo