File No. 312.115C96/10


On January 10, C. It. Watson, chairman of the Mine & Smelter Operators Association, of Chihuahua, and general manager of the Cusihuiriachic Mining Co., with 15 of his associates, all representative Americans, while en route from Chihuahua to their mines were taken off the train 40 miles west of Chihuahua City, by bands operating under the direction of General Villa, stripped naked and deliberately shot and killed. Their bodies are being brought to El Paso. It is stated that these men were murdered because they were Americans, and were killed in accordance with the general policy publicly announced recently by Villa. This atrocious act occurred within a few miles of Chihuahua City, in territory announced to be in control of the Carranza forces. The Villa bands roaming about in western Chihuahua publicly threaten all Americans with death, and destruction of their property. Following the occupation of Chihuahua by Obregon’s forces, many Americans returned to Chihuahua to resume operations, with the consent of the military authorities of the de facto Government.

Urgently bring the foregoing to the attention of General Carranza and request that he order immediate efficient pursuit, capture and punishment of the perpetrators of the dastardly crime above mentioned; also strongly urge the immediate despatch of adequate forces to the various mining camps in the State of Chihuahua.

Request to be informed of action taken,