File No. 312.115B11/90

Collector Cobb to the Secretary of State


Manager of American Smelting & Refining Co. has just given me confidential message from employee at Chihuahua as follows:

Three, yesterday afternoon, passenger train with Cusi [Mining Co.] employees was held up by bandits at Kilometer 68, shooting C. R. Watson, W. J. Wallace, M. B. Romero, Thomas M. Evans, Charles A. Pringle, Maurice Anderson, R. P. McHatton, J. P. Coy, Alex Hall, Charles Wadleigh, E. L. Robinson, George W. Newman, R. H. Simmons, A. H. Couch, H. C. Hase, Thomas Johnson, J. W. Woon, W. D. Pearce. Will give details later.

The de facto authorities are unequal to the necessities of the situation.