File No. 761.94/125

Ambassador Guthrie to the Secretary of State

No. 613

Sir: Referring to my telegram of the 13th instant, 6 p.m., upon the subject of the Russo-Japanese Convention, I have the honor to transmit herewith, for the Department’s confidential information, copies of the Foreign Office note6 and memorandum in question.

I have [etc.]

Geo. W. Guthrie

The Department of Foreign Affairs to the American Embassy

The Department of Foreign Affairs has submitted to its careful examination the communication which his excellency the American Ambassador, under instructions of his Government, was so good as to make on August 21, on the subject of the convention signed between Japan and Russia on July 3 last.

In reply to the question raised in that communication the Imperial Government desires to assure the American Government that the new convention is in no sense designed to repeal or to modify the provisions of Article 2 of the convention concluded between Japan and Russia on July 31, 1907. Nor have the Imperial Government entertained for a moment any intention to depart from the policy to which they have avowedly committed themselves respecting the maintenance of the independence and territorial integrity of China as well as the principle of equal opportunity for the trade of all nations in that country. On the contrary, they are as strongly convinced as ever of the usefulness of that policy in the interest of the general peace and stability in the Far East, which they have always very near their heart.

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