File No. 761.94/111

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Francis


954. Your telegram of July 14, 3 p.m. Please take occasion discreetly to say to the Minister for Foreign Affairs that the American Government highly appreciates his assurances of Russia’s friendship for the United States and the statement which he has made that the United States has no occasion for fear of injury by the Convention between Russia and Japan signed on July 3, but, on contrary, will be benefited thereby.

Please call his attention to the engagement entered into by Russia and Japan in Article II of the Convention signed July 30, 1907,5 with respect to the independence and territorial integrity of China, [Page 444] and say that, while this engagement is not specifically mentioned in the convention of this year, the American Government understands from his assurances above mentioned, given to you on July 13, that the Imperial Russian Government has not withdrawn from that engagement but, on the contrary, desires to maintain it unimpaired.

The American Government will be glad to have this understanding confirmed by the Imperial Russian Government.