File No. 761.94/94

Chargé Dearing to the Secretary of State


518. Department’s 790, 18th, received 23d. During interview this afternoon Sazonow admitted that agreement between Japan and Russia contemplated. He stated that no agreement yet in existence or in any way reduced to terms, and said, in view of great unrest in China, uncertainty of future, and cordial and growing rapprochement between Japan and Russia, treaty would be one of mutual guaranties but would not disadvantageously affect the interests of third countries. He spoke frankly but guardedly, and my impression is that terms are fairly well defined. If later it is possible to learn what they are Embassy will telegraph them to Department. Embassy suggests possibility of learning something with regard to this agreement through Peking Legation and feels that, despite assurances of Minister, our open door policy makes it necessary for us to judge whether the contemplated agreement will in any way infringe upon American rights. Will Department please reply by telegraph terms1 of agreement as published in Japan for this Embassy’s guidance in its future inquiries.

  1. Terms transmitted to the Embassy at Petrograd in telegram No. 801, April 28, 1916, 4 p.m.