File No. 196.6/86


To the Diplomatic Officers of the United States in certain countries

Gentlemen: At the request of the Acting Secretary of Commerce, the Department quotes for your information and for communication to the Governments to which you are respectively accredited, a circular letter addressed by the Commissioner of Navigation to Collectors of Customs, Shipping Commissioners and others concerned, as follows:

Section 11 (allotments and advances of seamen’s wages) of the Seamen’s Act of March 4, 1915, will apply to seamen engaged in the United States for vessels of every foreign nation on and after March 4, 1916.

Paragraph 6, Department Circular No. 259 of August 10, 1915, is amended accordingly.

Please so advise all consuls in your district.

A print of the Act of Congress approved March 4, 1915, known as the Seamen’s Act, is enclosed herewith for your further information.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Frank L. Polk