File No. 365.117/298

The Secretary of State to Chargé Jay

No. 316

Sir: The Department has been informed by the Honorable Daniel J. Griffin, a Representative in Congress from the State of New York, that Mr. Giovanni De Fato of West 8th Street, Coney Island, New York, desires to have arrangements made to facilitate the departure from Italy for the United States of his son, Donato De Fato, who was born in Italy on October 13, 1890, emigrated to the United States in 1893, claims citizenship through the naturalization of his father in the Court of Common Pleas of Jersey City, New Jersey, on September 25, 1896, and since October, 1910, has resided at Bella, Province of Potenza, Italy, with an aunt, Miss Teresa De Fato. It appears from affidavits by Mr. De Fato’s father and family physician that he is suffering with tuberculosis, that he went to Italy for the purpose of benefiting his health, and that since his arrival in Italy he has not performed work of any kind, except to assist his aunt in her household duties. It further appears that Donato De Fato has been required to perform military service in the Italian army. There is enclosed herewith a photograph of Mr. Donato De Fato, in order that you may verify the identity of the young man now in Italy.

You will please inform the appropriate Italian authorities concerning the American citizenship of Donato De Fato and request that he be released from the performance of military service in the Italian army and permitted to return to the United States. You are requested to issue an emergency passport to him to facilitate his departure from Italy for the United States, reporting the outcome of this matter to the Department, in order that the interested persons in this country may be informed.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Frank L. Polk