File No. 355.117/239

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Page

No. 266

Sir: The Department has been informed by the Honorable Gilbert M. Hitchcock, a Senator in Congress from the State of Nebraska, that Angelo Mazzei, who was born in Italy and acquired citizenship through the naturalization of his father, Pasquale Mazzei, on November 13, 1903, returned to Italy in or about the year 1914, having in his possession a passport of this Government No. 30863, which was issued to him by the Department on May 20, 1914. It appears that Angelo Mazzei has been compelled to perform military service in the Italian army, that he has participated in several battles, and that when last heard from he was in an army hospital at Pardova, Italy.

As Angelo Mazzei may be considered an American citizen, you will please present the facts in this case to the appropriate Italian authorities, and request that Mr. Mazzei be released from service in the Italian army and permitted to return to the United States. You are requested to inform the Department of the decision of the Italian authorities in this matter.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
John E. Osborne