File No. 711.38/92

The Acting Secretary of State to Chargé Scholle

No. 73

Sir: For your information and for the files of your mission, there are herewith enclosed two copies each of my note of November 16, 1915, to the Ambassador of France, relative to the policy of the United States as to French interests in Haiti and of my note of the 11th instant, also to the Ambassador, in which, pursuant to his request and to the agreement expressed in the first of the aforementioned notes, there appears a final expression by this Government of the understanding reached regarding such policy. A copy of the letters addressed to Monsieur Maurice Casenave, President of the National Bank of Haiti and mutatis mutandis to the Minister of Haiti, form the enclosure to the second note.8

In your consideration of matters properly relating thereto you will be guided by this expression of the Department’s policy. You will communicate one copy of each of the enclosures to the Financial Adviser of the Government of Haiti for his confidential information, and for his guidance in such matters as may, within his province, properly relate thereto.

I am [etc.]

Frank L. Polk
  1. See note to the Minister of Haiti, July 10, 1916, under Financial and Economic Affairs, p. 357.