File No. 711.38/47

The French Ambassador to the Secretary of State

Mr. Secretary of State: As I had the honor to tell your excellency again at recent interviews, my Government does not wish to interfere in any way with the action taken by the American Government in Haiti to the end of securing the maintenance of order in that country for the good of the inhabitants themselves. It wishes however, in accordance with views that your excellency, like your predecessor, readily acknowledged to be legitimate, to safeguard for the present and future the French interests involved in a land that was formerly French and to do so notably through the observance of economic equality and the maintenance of the institutions and clergy of our nationality.

An exchange of notes on the subject has been considered by us and my Government, as I have orally intimated to your excellency, would like to have that done at the earliest possible date. The points to be contemplated therein are enumerated in the paper I have had the honor to hand you in person, as to which you were pleased after reading it to say that there was no difficulty to apprehend.

As soon as an agreement can be recorded in that respect, my Government proposes to recognize the new Haitian Government, to receive from it the reparation due for the violation of our Legation and to remove the sailors now guarding it to our cruiser which would at the same time leave Haitian waters.

Accept [etc.]