File No. 838.77/141

The Minister of Haiti to the Chief of Division of Latin-American Affairs


Dear Sir: Upon examining the voluminous papers which my Government has sent me for the settlement of the difficulties relative to the National Railroad Company of Haiti, I noted that, according to a letter sent by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to the United States [Page 376] Minister at Port au Prince on January 21, 1915,3 my Government had decided to postpone until February 20, 1915, the auctioning proceedings begun by virtue of the default of which notice was given on September 28, 1914, in order to give said company time to present the bases of an agreement to be reached between the parties, but that it was understood that

upon the expiration of the period ending February 20, 1915, without the bases of such agreement (which was to comprise all pending questions without distinction) being stipulated between the Haitian Government and the National Railroad Company, the simple execution of the concession contract would be proceeded with as regards the putting up at auction, as would also any actions which the Haitian Government might be entitled to begin as a result of the violation of the contract by the National Company.

I should have liked to know whether said company established then or afterwards the bases of this agreement or whether it failed to note this condition of the postponement. Inasmuch as the papers sent by my Government do not enlighten me on this subject, I should be very much obliged to you if you would kindly ask the Haitian Railroad Company for information on my behalf.

Please accept [etc.]

Solon Ménos