File No. 838.77/137

The Chief of Division of Latin-American Affairs to the Minister of Haiti

My dear Mr. Minister: It gives me pleasure to transmit herewith a copy of a memorandum prepared by the National Railroad of Haiti, regarding the differences that have arisen between that company and the Government of Haiti and other matters, which, in accordance with our informal agreement, has been recently submitted to the Department by the railroad company for transmission to the Commission of which your excellency is the honored chairman. A translation in French accompanies the copy, the preparation of which is responsible for the delay in the submission of this document for your consideration.

At such time as your excellency may be prepared to give a reply to the points advanced therein, the Department of State will be happy to charge itself with its transmission to the National Railway [Page 375] of Haiti, after which it is hoped that arrangements may be made for an informal conference on the subject at which, as in the past, this Department will be glad to tender its good offices.

I am [etc.]

J. Butler Wright