File No. 838.51/511

Admiral Caperton to the Banque Nationale de la République d’Haiti

Gentlemen: You will be guided by the following military order. Having been directed by the United States Government to use part of the funds deposited in my name in the Banque Nationale de la République d’Haiti to pay certain employees of the Haitian Government the amounts due them and it having been brought to my attention that in some individual cases injunctions and attachments have been filed with said Banque requiring the withholding of one-third part of each payment authorized to be made by me or by my representatives it is therefore ordered:

“The Banque Nationale de la République d’Haiti will disregard all injunctions on salaries of Government employees for withholding one-third of their salaries except in cases of injunctions issued as the result of court judgments, and only where such injunctions do not result from the discounting of salaries or the loan upon the guaranty of salaries in any shape whatsoever.”

Very respectfully [etc.]

W. B. Caperton