File No. 838.00/1395

Minister Blanchard to the Secretary of State


Since the departure from here of the Dolphin and the marines for Santo Domingo there has been growing agitation with persistent rumors that some movement would take place. This culminated yesterday evening at six o’clock when General Codio the notorious Caco chief and five other Caco chiefs escaped from the prison with other prisoners carrying arms and ammunition taken from the prison. From seven p.m. to two a.m. there was firing in the city especially in the neighborhood of the Legation which is in the business section. One Haitian rebel killed and two badly injured; one corporal of marines on the Liberty wounded by escaping prisoner. It is reported that firing continues in the suburbs. A feeling of insecurity prevails in the city, the reason given being that there is no war vessel in the harbor and the marines not numerous enough. The Prairie and Culgoa are expected to-morrow with the marines and Colonel Waller is confident that he can control the situation.