File No. 810.51/735a

The Secretary of State to Ambassador Stimson 8

Sir: I enclose herewith fifteen copies of a draft treaty2 provided for an international gold clearance fund, together with fifteen copies of a memorandum explanatory of the same.

This draft has been prepared by the Central Executive Council in accordance with the resolution of the first general meeting of the International High Commission at Buenos Aires in April last. The Latin American commissioners attending that meeting are already familiar with the underlying principles of this project and the purpose of the accompanying memoranda is to refresh the minds of those commissioners as to the details of the project, and to explain it to those to whom it is wholly new.

On the basis of the discussion between the several National Sections and the Central Executive Council, which will undoubtedly take place when adequate study shall have been given to these documents, the Commission as a whole will evolve the final form of treaty to be duly submitted to the respective Department of State and of Foreign Relations for negotiation in the usual manner.

On behalf of the Central Executive Committee you are requested to take up the questions under discussion in the enclosed memoranda and the draft treaty informally and unofficially with the Minister of Finance of Argentina, through the proper channel, and with such other authorities in the country to which you are accredited as may seem proper, with a view to obtaining an expression of their views as to the probability of acceptance of the propositions by the Government of that country, and any other opinions upon the subject which might be of value to the Central Executive Council.

You are further requested to inform the Minister of Finance that the technical aspects of the subject are to be taken up by the respective Ministers of Finance or other appropriate members of the International High Commission directly with the Central Executive Council, and you will please inform the Minister of Finance that the Central Executive Council will deeply appreciate an adequate expression of his views upon these technical aspects.

The Department would be glad to receive from you for the information of the Council a comprehensive report upon the questions herein dealt with at the earliest date.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing
  1. The same, mutatis mutandis, to the other American missions in Latin America.
  2. Not printed.