File No. 839.51/1791


The President is willing to promulgate the following decree in regard to finances:

Whereas from June 16 of this year the Government of the United States of America assumed charge of the collection of the fiscal rents known as internal revenue and placed this collection in the hand of the General Receivership of Customs, which has since then exercised this function;

Whereas any obstruction to the General Receivership of Customs in the above-mentioned function might, in addition to producing disorganization of the service and a reduction of the rents, cause friction which would impede an understanding with the American Government:

By virtue of the power conferred upon me by Inserts 4 and 5 of Article 53 of the Constitution, I decree:

  • Article 1. All the chiefs and other employees of the offices that collect the fiscal rents known as internal revenue shall, for a term of six months counting from this date, deliver the proceeds of their collections to the General Receivership of Customs of the Republic, and cooperate with it for a better organization of the service of collection, supplying it with all means of investigation conducive to a full observance of the laws.
  • Article 2. No payment from the proceeds of the internal revenue nor from the payment belonging to the Dominican Government of the customs collection, in accordance with the provisions of the Dominican-American Convention of 1907, as well as any other application of the internal or customs revenues, shall be made by the General Receivership of Customs except by order of the Dominican Government in conformity with the budget law or any other laws of the Dominican Republic passed by the National Congress.