File No. 839.00/1781

The Secretary of State to Minister Russell


Your telegrams January 19, 5 p.m., and January 3, 8 a.m. Reaffirm purpose of this Government as set forth in the Department’s telegrams of November 26, 5 p.m.,2 and December 2, 11 a.m.2 and inform President Jiménez that this Government will, if requested, furnish the forces necessary to suppress insurrection and maintain order.

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In assuring the President of this support, however, you will embrace the opportunity to impress upon him the danger of affording any pretext for criticism, cause for impeachment by Congress, or open opposition to his Government; and say further that this Government desires to be assured that in view of such support he will spare no pains or apparent sacrifice to insure honest, efficient and popular Government for his people.