File No. 711.21/336

Minister Thomson to the Secretary of State

No. 257

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy and translation (very hastily made) of a note which I have only just this moment received from the Minister for Foreign Affairs with regard to the report of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs to the Senate of the United States concerning the Treaty of April 6, 1914. The mail leaves at once, so I am unable to add any comment.

I have [etc.]

Thad. A. Thomson
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The Minister for Foreign Affiairs to Minister Thomson

Mr. Minister: The modifications which the Committee of the Senate of the United States has presented to that high Body with the Treaty of April 6, 1914, preoccupy at this time the Government and people of Colombia. They in effect diminish greatly the satisfaction and indemnity acknowledged to the Republic by that act; and also, should these modifications be adopted finally by the Senate of the Union, they would cause various and very grave difficulties when they came to be considered by the Congress of Colombia.

I therefore beg your excellency to kindly inform His Excellency the President of the United States that Colombia and its Government will receive with special appreciation the new favor, should His Excellency vouchsafe to grant it, of recommending in a special message to the Senate of the United States of America the approval without amendments of the Treaty of April 6, 1914.

I reiterate [etc.]

Marco Fidel Suarez