File No. 893.77/1503

The Secretary of State to Minister Reinsch

No. 377

Sir: Receipt is acknowledged of your Despatch No. 835 of November 26, 1915, enclosing copies of three despatches received from the American Consul at Hankow, concerning the purchase of materials for the Hukuang Railways, a copy of the Legation’s instruction to Hankow on this subject, and a copy of a note of November 26, 1915, to the Minister of Communications in which the Legation lodges a protest in regard to specifications for bridges included in requisition No. 65.

Your instruction of November 26 to Hankow regarding the bids for locomotives and your action in protesting to the Minister of Communications against the above-mentioned bridge specifications which discriminate against American manufacturers are approved.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Frank L. Polk