File No. 311.523/39

The Spanish Ambassador to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: With your excellency’s courteous note of the 11th of this month, I have had the honor to receive the package sent me by your excellency containing 31 Spanish flags used by the commander of the U. S. S. Southery in the last eight years to decorate on the National Decoration Day the graves of the Spanish sailors buried at the Portsmouth Navy Yard.

In acknowledging the receipt of your excellency’s note and of the aforesaid package, I wish to discharge the sacred duty of asking you kindly to tell the Secretary at the head of the Navy Department, in my name, that his delicate thought in delivering to me so eloquent a token of the sentiments which animate the navy of the United States toward Spain and the Spaniards who lost their lives in the discharge of their duty will arouse in H. M. the King of Spain and his Government as they have aroused in the heart of the representative of Spain to the United States sentiments of appreciation and gratefulness that it is difficult adequately to express.

I avail [etc.]

Juan Riaño