File No. 561.13A23/1a


To the Diplomatic Officers of the United States

Gentlemen: Pursuant to a provision contained in the Agricultural Appropriation Act, approved August 11, 1916, you are instructed to extend to the governments to which you are respectively accredited an invitation to appoint delegates or representatives to the International Irrigation Congress to be held at El Paso, Texas, October 14–18, 1916.

At this coming Congress, subjects will be discussed appertaining to the methods, systems and apparatus looking to the better irrigation of farm and other lands, and particularly to the reclamation of and country, and it is expected that at this meeting much information will be available of value to those engaged in farming and other agricultural pursuits.

You will express to the government of your official residence the hope that it will send delegates to attend the Congress and explain that, while the invitation is extended by the authority of the Congress of the United States, the coming International Irrigation Congress will not be held under the auspices of this Government, as no provision has been made by that body for the payment of the expenses of foreign representatives who may attend or for their entertainment in this country.

Following the International Irrigation Congress, there will be held at El Paso, the International Farm Congress of which you have been previously advised.

Participation in this conference by the nations of the world will be heartily welcomed by the management of the International Irrigation Congress.

I am [etc.]

Robert Lansing