File No. 819.1052/70

Minister Price to the Secretary of State


Department’s instruction No. 242 regarding disarmament police complied with by note date of May 9. I conferred with Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs about the same on Sunday. He requested postponement of note last Tuesday stating that on Monday they were planning to issue decree transferring present chief of police to the consulate at New Orleans and employing an American in connection with the corps. This has not been done. I visited Panaman Minister for Foreign Affairs on Wednesday finding Counsellor of the Foreign Office who is the administration candidate for presidency and Panaman Minister to Washington conferring with him. [Page 942] I was requested to hold conference with the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Panaman Minister to Washington last night having with me Generals Goethals and Edwards if I desired. A short time before hour for the conference which the Generals had arranged to attend with me a copy of cablegram of Panaman President to President Wilson2 was delivered to me by the Assistant Secretary of Foreign Affairs saying they would like postponement of conference until they received response to cable.

  1. Not printed.