File No. 319.1123L25/39

Minister Price to the Secretary of State

No. 901

Sir: I have the honor to enclose a copy of a letter from Brigadier General C. R. Edwards, Military Commander of the Canal Zone, replying to a note from me, sending him a copy of Captain Mitchell’s report, and stating that I should be glad to have any information which his headquarters might have regarding the status of Nunez, and any suggestions [he] might care to make.

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I have not yet referred to this matter in any talks with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Panama, because I felt it advisable to await the receipt of the report of the representative of our military authorities, who has been conducting the attempted identification by our soldiers of the Panaman policemen involved in this riot.

I have [etc.]

Wm. Jennings Price

General Edwards to Minister Price

My dear Mr. Minister: In reply to your letter of the 8th instant, regarding the information furnished by Captain Mitchell, of the Canal Zone Police, relative to Carlos Nunez, I may state that the Panamanian authorities agreed to keep Nunez confined until he was tried for matters in connection with the Colon riot, or, if they found that he should be released without trial, he would not be released until I was informed of the intention to do so.

For some time, I kept in touch with the confinement of Nunez, as I had heard rumors that he was out of confinement, but each time that I have inquired about the matter I was informed that he was still in confinement. As to the trial of Nunez, I know nothing whatever about it.

I think it would be well to call Señor Lefevre’s attention to the fact that Captain Mitchell has information relative to the employment of Nunez in Panama and, after stating the agreement that I had with the Panamanian authorities that he would not be turned loose without first informing me, ask him pointedly what explanation the Government of Panama has to offer for such action.

Very respectfully,

C. R. Edwards