File No. 419.11D29/159

Minister Price to the Secretary of State

No. 1197

Sir: Confirming my cablegram of this date, 9 a.m., I have the honor to transmit a copy of a note from the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Panama and of its translation and the remittances therein referred to, which are stated to be in payment of the arbitration award rendered on the 20th of October, last, by the Netherlands Minister to Washington and Panama, in the matter of the claims growing out of the riot between American soldiers and Panaman police and civilians on July 4, 1912. The payments, aggregating $12,350.00, are stated to be on account of the death of one American and the wounding of sixteen others on said occasion.

The remittances include a draft for the sum of $10,000.00, bearing No. 306, and drawn by the Treasurer General of the Republic of Panama on William Nelson Cromwell of New York, payable to my order; also, a check bearing the No. of 75, drawn on the Metropolitan Trust Company of New York by the Secretary of Finance and Treasury of Panama, and payable to my order, for the sum of $2,350.00. I have duly endorsed said remittances.

I have [etc.]

Wm. Jennings Price

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Panama to Minister Price

Mr. Minister: In accordance with the decision dictated on the 20th of October of the present year by his excellency, W. L. F. C. de Rappard, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of the Netherlands to the Governments of Panama and the United States of America, designated by both countries as arbitrator to decide the amount to be paid by Panama for the death of an American citizen and for woundings caused to sixteen other citizens of the same nation during the disturbances which took place in this capital on July 4, 1912, I have the honor to remit to your excellency draft number 306, in your favor, for the sum of ten thousand (B/10,000.) balboas, and check number 75, also in favor of your excellency, for the sum of two thousand three hundred and fifty (B/2,350.) balboas, charged against Mr. William Nelson Cromwell and the Metropolitan Trust Company, respectively, making a total of twelve thousand three hundred and fifty (B/12,350.) balboas, as determined by the said arbitrator, in the decision above mentioned.

I take [etc.]

Narciso Garay