File No. 817.812/156

The Minister of Nicaragua to the Secretary of State


Excellency: I have the honor to acknowledge your excellency’s note of the 24th instant, by which I am informed that the Senate of [Page 820] the United States in executive session on February 18, 1916, having considered the Canal Treaty signed on August 5, 1914, by Mr. William J. Bryan, the then Secretary of State, and by me as representative of Nicaragua, approved the resolution of ratification by a vote of fifty-five votes for and eighteen against; this resolution is transcribed in your excellency’s note.

Under express instruction, I have the pleasure of informing your excellency that my Government accepts the amendments to the treaty made by the Senate, which amendments were also included in your excellency’s note of February 24, 1916; and that, consequently, the treaty as amended will be submitted by the Executive to the Senate of Nicaragua for ratification.

I avail [etc.]

Emiliano Chamorro