File No. 702.0081/2

The Spanish Ambassador to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary: By direction of my Government I have the honor to inform your excellency that under date of November 23, 1915, and as a result of negotiations carried on to that effect between the Governments of His Majesty and of the French Republic, Sultan Muley Yusef provided Prince Muley el Mehedi with a general power by virtue of which he will grant exequaturs to foreign consuls appointed in the Spanish zone.

His Majesty’s Government further directs me to inform your excellency of the expediency of sending to Tetuan the commissions of the consuls of the United States in the Spanish zone of Morocco appointed since March 30, 1912, and hereafter to be appointed; the commissions might also be sent, if found preferable, to the Ministry of State at Madrid whence they would be forwarded to the high commissioner at Tetuan who would see that they are given the proper course.

In having the honor of making this known to your excellency,

I avail [etc.]

Juan Riaño