File No. 881.00/624

The Franch Ambassador to the Secretary of State

My dear Mr. Secretary: Referring to our conversation of the other day, I beg to say that my Government has sent me the text of the declaration signed, with reference to the abrogation of capitulations in the French zone of Morocco, by all the Powers signatory of the Algeciras Conference and by the South American Republics.

The French Government greatly desires that uniformity be maintained, and hopes that this text, which safeguards all the American rights, will prove acceptable to you.

On account of the need for the President of the United States’ ratification, the last paragraph will have, doubtless, to be so written as to take into account such a ratification.

Believe [etc.]



The undersigned, duly authorized by their Governments, make the following joint declaration:

Taking into consideration the guaranties of juridical equality offered to aliens by the French tribunals of the protectorate, the Government of the United States of America relinquishes its claim to all the rights and privileges growing out of the capitulation régime for its consuls, the persons subject to its jurisdiction and its establishments within the French zone of the Shereefian Empire.

The treaties and conventions of every description in force between France and the United States extend as of right, unless otherwise specifically provided, to the French zone of the Shereefian Empire.

The present declaration will go into effect within __ days from the date of signature.

Done in duplicate, at Washington, this ___