File No. 312.67/69

The American Jewish Committee to the Secretary of State

Sir: The Federation of Oriental Jews of America, with headquarters in New York City, has requested this Committee to bring to the attention of the Department the fact that they have information that in Vera Cruz, Mexico, a number of Ottoman subjects, mostly of the Jewish faith have been subjected to indignities and hardships, that at times their lives were put in jeopardy, and that they are unable to secure any redress. The Federation states by way of concrete example, that a few weeks ago an Ottoman subject, Enriguo Haim by name, was arrested on the charge of being a Zapatista and that whilst this charge was unfounded he would, but for the intervention of an influential person, have been summarily executed.

This committee begs to suggest that the Department cause an investigation to be made as to these allegations and in the event that there is foundation therefor, and understanding that the United States consular representatives are looking after the welfare of the subjects of the Ottoman Empire in nearly all of the cities of Mexico, that the American representative in Vera Cruz be instructed to accord protection to Ottoman subjects in that City.

I have [etc.]

Cyrus Adler,

Chairman Executive Committee