File No. 812.021/13

Special Representative Rodgers to the Secretary of State


205. Have made to Foreign Office urgent and insistent representations verbal and written in every case involving appropriation, seizure, interference or depredation upon American property and have not been able to obtain satisfactory assurances or even replies of late. Have laid special stress upon Coahuila appropriation of stock, Chihuahua retention of valuable mineral products and Colima seizure of bullion reported in various Department telegraphic instructions, as well as similar incidents which have come to my knowledge here, with no result whatever except promised investigation.

In view of these facts asked at Foreign Office to-day what interpretation was to be given such acts and was answered by Amador that he did not know. It is very evident to me, however, that they believe army officers and State authorities are acting independently and are determined to appropriate as much American property as possible for their private gain regardless of consequences. It practically [Page 783] has been admitted to me and especially by Foreign Office officials other than the Secretary that there is little control over some State Governments and northern army officers existing.