File No. 312.115/252

Consul Canada to the Secretary of State

No. 1452

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith enclosed a copy and a translation of a printed communication over the names of The Colonel Chief of Arms, I. P. Laxalde and the President of the Board of Civil Administration, Jesus Marin, dated “Jalapa-Enriquez, April ________, 1916,” on which the address was omitted, calling upon [Page 778] the persons and firms whose names appear at the bottom of the communication, to contribute the amounts shown therein opposite each name, respectively.

This circular letter was sent to Arbuckle Brothers’ agency at Jalapa, State of Vera Cruz, by the city officials and a copy was furnished this consulate by the representative here of that firm with the request that we bring the matter to the notice of the Department.

Special attention is called to what is undoubtedly an implied threat, in the closing sentence of the letter. The only conclusion to be drawn from the veiled threat, especially considering that the first name to the circular is that of the chief of arms, is that, if the people addressed decline to comply with the request to contribute to this fund, the necessary action will be taken to force them to pay the amounts specified.

I have [etc.]

Wm. W. Canada


In agreement with the Board of Civil Administration and in view of the distress which the poorer classes are suffering on account of the scarcity of cereals, this office of the chief of arms has determined to appeal to the persons whose names are shown on the reverse side hereof, requesting that they kindly render assistance to remedy the conditions referred to.

The authorities mentioned have held conferences with persons of this place as well as of Coatepec and Teocelo, and it has been decided to make up a fund of not less than $500,000.00, five hundred thousand pesos, which will be used to import American corn with the least possible delay and to retail it at cost. A board has been organized to undertake the importation to which we refer and it will be charged with the administration of the fund which will be collected, as well as with the proceeds of the sales.

The amount that we solicit will be returned to the persons who contribute same, once the corn from the next harvest is available and we do not expect that said amounts will suffer a shrinkage of any kind, as we are disposed to furnish the facilities and guaranties for the transportation of corn; and only in the case of accident or force majeur may loss of the fund be experienced by destruction or loss of a car with merchandise; but we repeat, we hope to return the entire amounts which we solicit.

As the importation should be made at once, we beseech you to be good enough to deliver, within three days, to the branch in this city of the National Bank, the amount assigned to you; bearing in mind that the sooner this petition is complied with, the more effective will be the assistance. And, although we are thoroughly convinced that the rates shown do not really involve a sacrifice, these authorities will take into account the good will of those who attend to this request with due rapidity; in the same manner that they will be disposed to require, by other means, the aid of such persons who give signs of not preoccupying themselves for the public welfare.

I. P. Lizalde,

The Colonel Chief of Arms
Jesus Marin,

The President of the Board of Civil Administration

(Here follows a list of the names of the persons and firms referred to in the first paragraph of above communication, with the amounts, which such persons and firms are requested to pay, shown opposite their names, the list containing the below-mentioned American firms:)

Arbuckle Brothers $10,000.00
Pan Mexican Coffee Co. 10,000.00
Pierce Oil Corporation 5,000.00