File No. 312.115/238

The Spanish Ambassador to the Secretary of State

Sir: The Spanish Chargé d’Affaires in Mexico, Sr. Cárdenas, telegraphs me under date of yesterday, that he is endeavoring to obtain from the Government of General Carranza the repeal of a [Page 777] decree which is causing great prejudice to the Spanish cotton growers and to the cotton textile industry in Mexico.

This decree obliges owner of cotton to sell their produce to a commission appointed by the Government, and at a price fixed by the commission, and Sr. Cárdenas is trying to obtain from the authorities in the capital, if not a repeal of the decree in question, at least that the contracts made by the cotton growers previously to the publication of the decree may be respected.

I should consider it a great favor if you could instruct the American representative at the capital to give Sr. Cárdenas his assistance in the protection of these interests.

Believe me [etc.]

Juan Riaño