File No. 893.001L76

The Chinese Minister to the Secretary of State

No. 26

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith an autograph letter addressed to the President of the United States of America by the [Page 101] President of the Republic of China, accompanied by an English translation thereof.

I shall be greatly obliged if you will be so kind as to transmit the letter to its high destination.

Accept [etc.]

Vi Kyuin Wellington Koo

The President of the Republic of China to The President of the United States of America


Upon the death of our late President Yuan Shih-kai, I, in accordance with our Constitution which provides for the succession by the Vice President to the Presidency, assumed on the seventh day of the sixth month last (June 7, 1916) the duties of the office as President.

The friendly relations which have always existed between China and the United States I shall consider it my highest endeavor to maintain, to the end that the existing bonds of friendship between the two countries may be drawn closer.

I avail [etc.]

Li Yuan-hung

Chen Chin-Tao,
Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs