File No. 812.512/1158


21. Mining taxes. New taxes effective July 1. Precious metal mines. One to ten pertenencias six pesos Mexican gold each per annum; eleven to fifty, twelve pesos; fifty-one to hundred, eighteen pesos; over hundred, twenty-four pesos.

Nonprecious metal mines. One to fifty pertenencias, six pesos Mexican gold each; fifty-one to two hundred, twelve pesos; two hundred to five hundred, eighteen pesos; above five hundred, twenty-four. Export tax gold and silver ten per cent ad valorem. State tax raised to maximum of two per cent. Cabrera states intent new law develop small holdings and places prohibitive rates upon undeveloped large holdings. Justifies increase export tax by necessity for revenue.

Mining interests while not satisfied are acquiescent some extent. Disinterested people assert new taxes rather fair. Do not think much, if any, amendment possible.